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May 15th, 2007 The Beacon Point Marina has come up with a very ambitious plan to add 300 slips, restaurants, and condos along the Housatonic. As usual, developers always try to get the most bang for the buck, and this oversized development is no exception. If done right, with subtle impact to the river, it has the potential of being the ideal place to live. Just make it affordable for Shelton residents, not like their Greenwich sister, whom most people find they can't afford to dock their boat there.
March 13th

At the regular meeting of the Planning and Zoning Meeting, the development to the end of Pautuckett Ave was denied! YEAH!!!!

The consensus was that it would take too much fill and not enough clearance to put in the road, according to the city engineer. God bless him.

It will now go before the Alderman, because the owners will say "Hey, I can't build here, so give my land a price reduction!" and they'll want money from the city. Go figure..I hope our taxes don't go up.

March 11th, 2007 There was quite a stir at the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, when one of the neighbors presented a petition including 90 signatures against developing the land on Constitution Blv. S. near the gas line.

February 20th

Just say NO to this one!!!!!

This is right next to the gas line.

7:30pm at City Hall. Zoning Board of Appeals will conduct a public hearing.
#207-1 Shelton Heights Joint Venture, c/o Atty. D. Thomas, 315 Main Street, Derby, CT for a certificate of approval for an existing located on the property of Shelton Heights Joint Venture at Constitution Boulevard South, Map 92, Parcel 86, R-1 zone, and which requires a reduction in minimum lot area from 40,000 sq. ft. to 31,321 sq. ft. and square on the lot from 150 ft. to 105.6 ft. Application states on the right is St. Margaret Mary R.C. Church, and in the rear and left is Thomas & Debra Jensen.
September 14th Inland Wetlands Meeting about 7 houses at the end of Pautuckett Ave. Please attend this important meeting. This is the headwaters of Ivy Brook of which we need to preserve.
Animal Pictures Map of Trails This is the area probably referred to as Coram in the 16 and 1700's. It's a valley between Long Hill and Corum Hill, roughly about 200 acres .I think this area on the map would make a nice nature preserve. Too bad you'd have to cross Constitution. But, so be it. I am still researching the name Coram Gardens. Even maps from the 1920's refer to the area around Coram Hill as Coram Gardens. Laurel Heights is the area where the hospital was, currently Pitney Bowes. This site will be updated next weekend.

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