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What is that constant humming coming from One Waterview Drive?

posted 5/28/10

In an email to Rick Shultz (Planning and Zoning) I wrote:

Hi Rick,

Just an update. The police man who came over yesterday after looking at One Waterview Drive, informed me that the building had a power surge Wednesday night in the storm. They had a lot of equipment get damaged, and that it won't get fixed till Tuesday.

Since that gernerator just echos so loudly off the hilly rocks here, can't they build a wall in back of it to deaden the constant headache generating white noise? Or better yet, encase it in a building?

You know this isn't going to be the only time this is going to happen. Perhaps there should be some legislation created to prevent this from happening ever again, not only on Waterview Drive, but the whole corridor.

How loud would Shelton get, if every gernerator in every building were turned on? For 7 days straight?

I say, any generator you can hear off of any property, has to have some type of sound deading equipment or brush/ trees surounding it from now on.

Here's another idea for now. Park an 18 wheeler in front of it to deaden the constant hum. It might help. Who knows.

Oh, well, here's to a loud Momorial day weekend. Your help is greatly appriciated.

Margaret Paulson
64 Sunset Drive

Kids vandalizing sewers behind Steep Brook Lane

Apparently some kids damaged the sewer lines and caused the sewers to overflow into the headwaters of Ivy Brook and into the swamp.This is a problem area and it has happened there before about 10 times. Kids throw junk down into the manhole until it clogs and overflows. Now the area has been marked and white lines have been drawn all along Constitution Blv. S.

Perhaps now we'll have to see if they plan on replacing the whole sewer line, and we'll have an endless summer of construction in our backyards. Thanks kids! And shame on the parents.
Those Telephone Poles Have to Go! Ever notice the new Telephone poles on Constitution Blv. S.? They all lead to that unmanned data center in back of SureSource, the ones who denuded the mountain, and looks like a piece of crap from the River Road!  
Pawtucket Ave There is a proposal going before the Inland Wetlands Commission for the creation of 7 houses at the end of Pawtucket Ave. In return, land will be donated at the end near Woonsocket and Cranston Ave's. At the last meeting it was tabled till Sept. Please read the minutes at www.cityofshlton.org. DENIED
Pet Peeve The litter on Constitution is getting really bad. Sometimes I go walking there with a contractors bag, and it's full before I get to the end. We could use some no littering signs, and deer crossing signs, and a painted bike/ hiking path like Westport has. This is a migratory route for deer coming up from Stratford, over the dump, up Ivy Brook, and continuing north over RT 8 at exit 13 (where so many accidents have occurred) to the lakes region.  
Plant Trees at the end of Plaskon Drive Ext. The end of Plaskon Drive Extension should be restored to trees and grass. Right now it's an unsightly guard rail where people park their cars that are for sale. Jason Perillo, our alderman, is working to get this fixed. He recently met with the mayor.
Pitney Bowes Property They have not been maintaining the land very well. Behind Plaskon drive it's all overgrown to the point of being impassible. It's full of deer ticks and invasive species. This used to be a beautiful apple orchard from the Laurel Heights days.  

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